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Introducing THE NYC Fashion Experience!

Shop like a fashion designer, Sew like a couturier.

Watch Jeannie D.’s NYCFashion Experience Below:

A fun group activity for children, teens and adults interested in Fashion Design or even fans of the show Project Runway. Meet us at our Manhattan Studio in the heart of the Garment Center of NYC.  We can chat about what you’d love to make or even give you a design challenge. After a short walk to Mood Designer Fabrics (where all the best designers shop) we’ll channel Tim Gunn and give you time to select and purchase your fabric.  Back at the studio it’s time to cut and sew your one-of-a-kind creation.

The Garment CenterThe perfect sewing activity for locals and visitors alike who want a true New York fashion experience. On our way to and from Mood we’ll walk through the garment center, check out the Fashion Walk of Fame, pass the big button, see the showrooms and meet Mood’s mascot-doggie Swatch (if he’s at work that day)!

We’ve had visitors from all over the world visit us to learn to sew and experience NYC’s Garment District like a real fashion designer!

This experience takes place in our Bryant Park Manhattan studio only, located in the Garment District at 21 W 39th Street, between 5th and 6th avenues, New York NY 10018.

The Schedule

– Say hello! We’ll meet and go over what you’d like to make.
– Let’s shop! We will visit a NYC fabric store to choose your fabric.
– Quick Tour of the Garment District: See the showrooms, the Big Button and designer walk of fame.
– Learn to sew: Back at our studio we will teach you to use the sewing machine and prep, cut, pin and sew your fabric into something fabulous!

Pricing starts at $75 per hour for one student plus $25 per hour for each additional student. A minimum of 2 hours is required. If you’d like to visit us for less time please schedule a Private Lesson Please note: We do not provide fabric for this activity, purchasing fabric from Mood is the responsibility of the guest. Mood pricing runs from $15+ per yard (Each guest will need approximately 1/2-3 yards; depending on their chosen project)

All skill levels are welcome| Ages 8 through adult | Group size of 1-8 “designers” welcome

Contact Our Bryant Park Studio to book your Ultimate Fashion experience at 646-329-6663 or email us today!

Need some project ideas? Download our Sewing Lesson “Menu” below for project ideas, approximate lesson duration and fabric info!


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