School Field Trips

With our large sewing and art studios The Fashion Class makes a wonderful field trip for school-aged students.

We’ve hosted everything from pre-school children learning about types of clothing to college students learning to sew! With discounted pricing, day trips to our studio are filled with hands-on educational fun.

Perfect for all age groups we can host a variety of projects and lessons for your student’s field trip. Students can learn to sew on a machine or by hand and create an actual garment or accessory. We can also focus on STEAM areas like retail math, fabric science (with some fun experiments), entrepreneurship, the history of fashion (with draping or dress-up), fashion tech (connectivity with light up micro-chips) and the art of fashion through illustration. Finally we can delve into DIY and crafting with our library of room decor and jewelry making projects. Our rates are affordable and our studio can accommodate up to 50 guests depending on your activity. Let us know your requirements and ideas and we’d be happy to work within a budget and time frame.

What do School Administrators Have to Say?

“I just want to thank you for having us. Also, thank you for being so patient and providing optimal customer service!! I was extremely impressed and my students were so happy and learned so much!! The ladies were AWESOME!!! I hope to see you again in the future!! Thank you!!!” – PS 278 The Paula Hedbavny School

Contact us today at 646-329-6663 to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your students!

School field tripsPre-K Learning through dress-up

School TripsHigh School group: learned to sew

School TripsMiddle School fashion history

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