Need Space for a Micro-School?

Our Manhattan studios are available for Microschooling or "pandemic pods" this Fall-Winter 2020. We welcome learning pods, tutors, or parent groups looking for a safe and reliable classroom space!

With all of the uncertainty around re-opening schools this year due to COVID-19, we've chosen to remain closed this September through December 2020. We understand that parents need alternative options, like day time child care or a safe and smaller school setting. 

We have two gorgeous, child friendly studios - one in Midtown, where many parents work, and one on the Upper East Side, where many NYC families live that are available to rent as a microschool setting or pod classroom space.

Because we are closed, no other groups of children or adults will be using our studios. As we typically work with children ages 6 and up and our classrooms are built for functionality and ease while working with this age group.

Each studio has plenty of tables and chairs, white boards and enough space to remain socially distant. See below for features and location info.

Bryant Park Classrooms:

Upper East Side Classroom:

21 W 39th Street - Midtown Classroom Space

Our Bryant Park studio is a 2500 Sq Ft loft style studio (elevator opens onto the floor).  We have two bathrooms, central AC, radiator heat (building controlled), water cooler, fridge and microwave in the space. We have two classrooms and a large waiting area that we've converted into a classroom. There are sixteen tables and fifty chairs. Both classrooms have a whiteboard. Very large for social distancing. This would work well for a micro school or childcare facility on days when children are not in school.

311 East 81st Street - Upper East Side Classroom Space

Our Upper East Side location is a 500 sq ft studio. We have one bathroom, air conditioning unit, radiator heat (building controlled), water cooler, mini fridge in the space. There are six tables and fifteen chairs throughout one long space. We also have a whiteboard. While socially distancing is possible, this would work well for a friend "pod" - a group of children who know each other to learn together.

  • Our Equipment Will be Put Away

    Leaving your group free space and surfaces to use.

  • Bathrooms In Each Studio

    No roaming the halls of an office building or sharing, each studio has their own bathrooms.

  • Buzzer Door System

    Each door is equipped with a buzzer system for added security.

  • Amenities

    Each studio has a water cooler and fridge. Both studios have air conditioning that you control.

  • White Boards, Tables, and Chairs

    Each classroom has its own whiteboard for use with ample tables and chairs that can be moved around to suit your needs.

  • Wifi

    Wifi is available at each studio.

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