Maisie-Kate K.

Maisie-Kate K.

- Fashion Instructor 

Where are you from? Galaway, Ireland

What are you currently making? I’m currently making a sweater for my friends newborn baby boy.

Who is your style icon? Kate Moss, I love how effortless and rock chic she always looks!

Favorite fashion job ever? I loved working at the Cloth House fabric store in London. I got to work with costume designers for Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and designers such as Alexander McQueen! It was such an exciting job that was different every day and I got to learn so much about fabrics and their characteristics which you often don’t have the time to learn about in fashion college.

When you're not sewing you are? Thinking about sewing or playing the piano!

Favorite type of fabric? Wool suiting- I love structured pieces

Favorite flavor of ice cream? Honeycomb or mint chocolate chip

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