In School Enrichment

Our ‘in-school’ after school program brings fashion education to your students!

Our program is fun, affordable, educational and easy to implement.

The after school program can be customized for your school by amount of students, number of weeks and lessons. We designed the program to be:

The Fashion Class will provide all supplies and sewing machines (minimal storage space is needed). The program aims to teach students how to use a sewing machine, hand sewing, measuring, properties of fabric, printing fabric and illustration. We combine a little bit of math, a little bit of science and a lot of fashion design into one fabulous course. 

Our course typically begins with an intro to fashion design and illustration, we then move on to hand sewing. Mid-term we introduce the sewing machine and students create and sew a clothing or accessory item. The class then delves into fun fashion lessons like history of fashion, textile science and creating a fashion brand. Depending on how long your school’s term is, we may do a second sewing project. Projects and lessons change seasonally (for a 1-full school year program) so you can continue to offer the Fashion After School Program to all students, new and old. 

For more information please contact our coordinator, Grazia, at grazia(at)thefashionclass(dot)com. 

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