Fashion Design Classes & Sewing Courses for Kids New In Home Classes!

Our talented instructors will come to your home and teach fashion classes, just as they would at our studio! We bring everything but the sewing machines.

What are In Home Lessons? You will be paired with a designated instructor (all teachers have been teaching with TFC for some time now) who will teach your child's class each week for 2 hours.

The class duration will be ten weeks and we can accommodate groups of 1-6 students.

We will prep and bring supplies for those 10 weeks including thread and extra machine needles but not the sewing machines. Students will be responsible for bringing their own machines, and can share machines. We recommend 2 students per one machine if sharing.

The Details:

  1. Ages 6-17
  2. Group size 1-6 students
  3. Create your own class group
  4. Decide on when and where to host the class, in your own home or elsewhere
  5. Your teacher will wear a face covering
  6. Your teacher will bring all supplies (except for sewing machines)
  7. Ten week sessions, 2 hours per class
  8. You CAN use your Spring 2020 Credit


6 Students

Price is per student for 10 weeks, 2 hours each week
$ 600

5 Students

Price is per student for 10 weeks, 2 hours each week
$ 650

4 Students

Price is per student for 10 weeks, 2 hours each week
$ 750

3 Students

Price is per student for 10 weeks, 2 hours each week
$ 900

2 Students

Price is per student for 10 weeks, 2 hours each week
$ 1200

1 Student

Price is per student for 10 weeks, 2 hours each week
$ 2200

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my credit?

Yes! We encourage you to use your Spring 2020 class or camp credit towards class. There may still be a balance due. We are unable to accept points or other discounts at this time.

Why has the price increased?

Our price is more than in studio classes because our teachers are traveling to you, we have limited teachers and time slots available, and classes are smaller.

Why 2 hour classes?

We added extra time to our class to account for the different sewing machines that student's may need help setting up. When working in a home we have different spaces to accommodate for and want to be sure the student's have as much sewing time as possible!

Can I book fewer classes or less time?

Unfortunately no, we have limited teachers and time slots available for in home lessons and can only accommodate very few families. Because of this our minimum commitment is a 2 hour class, once per week for ten weeks.

Can you bring sewing machines?

No, we do not want to risk bringing machines into different households for sanitary reasons.

Where can I purchase a sewing machine?

Singer sewing machines is now selling direct to consumers at we recommend any machine with the words "sewing machine" in the title (i.e. no sergers).

What will the teacher bring?

Project materials, thread, extra needles, tools, patterns, sanitized pins and scissors. Students are welcome to use their own pins and scissors too.

Can my group do advanced projects?

Yes, if your group has taken advanced class with us at The Fashion Class we can run the same class in your home. All members of the group must be sewing at an advanced level.

Can we change locations each week?

No, to eliminate confusion and so our instructors know the work space well, we require that class be hosted in the same location each week.

When will classes start?

We're running in home Fall classes between September and December. Contact us to determine the best schedule for you.

What times are you available for class?

We're available seven days a week, between 9AM and 7PM. We do have limited instructor availability and bookings will be on a first come basis.

Will I be in touch with the instructor?

Yes, we will put you in direct contact with the teacher. The enables you to communicate quickly should unforeseen circumstances arise.

Will you offer makeups?

No, however we will work out a schedule beforehand that works for your group.

When does registration end?

We will close registration for in home classes by August 25th so that we can prepare supplies and curriculum for an early Sept start.

More Questions?

Our teachers combine real-world experience with specialized training and bring kindness and empathy along with energy and enthusiasm to the classroom. Teachers have degrees in art, fashion, and design plus experience in the fashion industry, and all instructors pass The Fashion Class Teacher Training. Through our unique project-based curriculum your child can learn to sew and design real fashion!

Our Fashion School Locations in New York

Sewing courses bryant park times square midtown ny

The Fashion Class Bryant Park

21 West 39th Street, 4th Floor New York NY 10018 (near all Times Square and 42nd street subways)

M-F 11a-6p & Sat-Sun 10a-3p - please call before visiting.

sewing classes on the upper east side

The Fashion Class Upper East Side

311 East 81st Street, Ground Floor New York NY 10028 (near Q 2nd Ave subway/83rd Street Station UES)

Open by appointment, please call before visiting.

best fashion design class in New York


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