Home School Lessons

Expand on your child’s creativity with home-school group lessons at The Fashion Class!

Fashion Design and Sewing is not only super fun and fabulous – it teaches elements of math, science and the arts in a real-life hands-on way.

At our fashion studios we welcome home school groups who’re curious about fashion design, sewing and want to learn the art of design. Join us for a multi-week class or a one-day workshop. Our home school groups enjoy discounted pricing for classes during the weekday.

Courses can be altered to fit your group’s needs. Past home school students have learned to sew and create clothing for themselves (following our after school program projects or choosing from our library), the art of fashion design through illustration, the science of textiles through experimentation, the history of fashion with authentic clothing, entrepreneurship and the math of retail sales.

Contact our studios today at 646.329.6663 for more information and to enrich your child’s home-school education:

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