Play Five Minute Catwalk Virtually!

Our student's favorite studio game is now online!


How To Play

1. Rules: The rules are simple. There is one "shopper" and the remaining participants are "designers". The shopper is essentially the judge of each round and chooses their favorite design. 

2. Playing the Game: Set a five minute timer (use a phone or an appliance) and spin the wheel. Each designer has five minutes to sketch their look using the category and inspiration as their guide. The first word is the clothing category (e.g. suit or dress) and the second is the design inspiration.

3. Choosing a Winner: The shopper chooses their favorite design that best fits the category and inspiration. The winner of the round becomes the shopper of the next round. You may forgo the shopper and have each designer choose their favorite or not choose a winner at all.

Post your designs on Instagram and tag us @thefashionclass #fiveminutecatwalk Enjoy!

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