Advanced Sewing for Tweens

Our advanced sewing classes start with Pattern and Stitch; students learn to use commercial patterns (the kind you can buy at a store) and make 2 garments throughout the class season. Prior to joining students must have taken at least three consecutive seasons of Fashion Design and Sewing. Our second advanced sewing class for kids is Fashion Designer; this class allows students to sketch, pattern and sew their own design from concept to creation. To join Fashion Designer students must have taken two consecutive seasons of Pattern and Stitch. These classes work at a slower pace than our regular sewing classes and are more difficult. While we don't recommend jumping a level early, if you feel your child is ready please contact the studio!
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Pattern & Stitch Advanced Sewing for Tweens - Late Spring '23
Pattern & Stitch Advanced Sewing for Tweens - Late Spring... from $415.00
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