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Different Cute Ways to Cut T-shirts

Has your favorite tee made its way through your wardrobe season after season and lost a little bit of its zest? Before you toss it to the wayside, get creative and turn it into an entirely new look you’ll want to rock for a few seasons longer. Grab your scissors and get ready to go “Project Runway” with a cute new design that will instantly lift your style for free.

Crop-Top Cutie

Create an 1980s-style crop top that will rock any look. This works great on an oversize top and is perfect for layering over tank tops, bathing suits or maxi dresses. Kerri Quigley, creator of The Fashion Class sewing and design for kids and teens in New York, recommends that you start by cutting an oval in your T-shirt from shoulder to shoulder. The center of your oval should be the neck of the tee and your cut should not be any wider. Measure your torso from collar bone to belly button. Mark this measurement on your tee from the newly cut neck. Cut the extra fabric off the bottom of the T-shirt very straight, and wear your new top for a look that’s super chic and super cheap!

Bandeaux Beauty

T-shirt designer Erin Cheyne recommends laying your tee out flat, picking your favorite part of the graphic to be the front and center of your bandeaux. Cut an 8-inch strip all the way around, marking the strip with chalk or a light-color marker to help you keep cutting on a straight line. Underneath the sleeves, cut straight across the tee. Trim the bottom so that you’re left with about an 8-inch loop of fabric. In the back of your loop, cut it so that you just have a big strip of fabric instead of a loop. Finally, twist it in front in the middle of the graphic. Put ‘er on, and tie it in a knot or a bow in back to spice up your traditional tee look.

Tube-Top Tee

Don’t go out and spend a fortune on a tube top. Create an inspired look from your favorite tee with Quigley’s simple design idea. Fold 1 inch of your T-shirt’s hem toward the inside of your shirt. Sew around the edge, leaving a 1-inch opening (unsewn). Take thin elastic and measure it around your waist, making sure it’s tight but not uncomfortable. Cut it and feed the elastic through the “channel” you just sewed on the T-shirt hem. Hint: use a safety pin. Connect the two ends of the elastic by tying or sewing. Cut off the top for a stylish tube top you can wear with your favorite skinny jeans, hoops and dramatic accessories.

Halter Hautness

Get sexy and create a halter look in just seconds. The site Planet Green offers this quick change for a tee. First, cut the sleeves off. Next, cut off the fabric from bottom of one arm hole to the other. Then, cut a ‘V’ shape above the cut, which wil produce two lengths of fabric that you can tie behind your neck.

Kerri Quigley
Kerri Quigley


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