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Our visit from models Brittany and Madeleine of Oxygen Network’s The Face:

Brittany And Madeleine Teach Aspiring Little Fashion Pupils

Looks like Team Coco member Brittany is taking inspiration from her mentor to coach other aspiring fashion upstarts. In this case, she’s teaching her expertly-taught modeling skills to young pupils at The Fashion Class in New York City. And Team Karolina member Madeleine joined in on the fun!

The Fashion Class offers courses in sewing and fashion design to kids aged six to 18 and Brittany’s been dropping in to give the little fashionistas some tips on other aspects of the biz.

“I go in to the class and basically tell them how I got to where I am now in my career and what I have done, what it’s like to model, and then I teach them how to walk and pose,” Brittany tells us. “It’s very cute because they actually design their own clothes, sew them, and then have a fashion show and photo shoot in them!”

How amazing would it be if Coco stopped in one day?! No pressure or anything.

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Kerri Quigley
Kerri Quigley


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