Malan Breton Visits TFC

The Fashion Class had a very exciting visitor arrive on Saturday to chat with some of our students from our Teen Trend Forecasting class. If you didn’t know, Malan Breton is a very accomplished man who dabbles in everything (and i mean everything). He finds himself submerged in fashion, singing, dancing, photography, modeling, directing and producing! To say he’s busy is an understatement. He has created a name for himself in the business and did so through a lot of dedication and hard work. Going back to his childhood, Malan was born in Taiwan and eventually travelled around the world gaining his infinite 
WP_20151024_10_39_43_Proexperiences along the way. He picked up many hobbies (obviously) but specifically found an interest and started fashion design at the age of 16. His ability to move from city to city added even more interest and credibility to his art. As he furthered in his career, he became more prevalent in the world of fashion, being a contestant on Season 3 of Project Runway and having his name mentioned at events 
such as the Met Gala and the Oscars. Letting our students in on his very busy work schedule and all that comes with it, he sometimes sleeps only four hours a night! (his hard work really did pay off) Zeroing in on his fashion side, his favorite pieces to make are ballgowns. He adores creating women’s fashion, but also loves the structure of menswear you can’t work with in women’s fashion. Overall, he has a passion for life and will take on anything and everything he loves, which has led him to this very successful point in his career.
Kerri Quigley
Kerri Quigley


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