Kay Unger mentors a TFC Student!

Kay Unger is a fashion icon. After attending Parsons School of Design (yay Parsons!) she began her own label in the early 1970’s and grew it to a multi-million dollar fashion label. An amazing designer and philanthropist (she has worked with the Boys and Girls clubs of America, Stand Up to Cancer and as an advocate for women leadership in business) she now runs Kay Unger Design and the Kay Unger Family Foundation. All of this and she still has time to work side by side with 10yr old Isabella.

Isabella has been working on a personal year long project for school. She got to pick whatever subject she wanted to study. Her choice? Why Fashion of course!

Isabella created a brand called Simply Chic, created her customer profile and a 7-piece collection. She actually made (draped, sewed and finished) five pieces. Once the pieces were finished she filled out a cost sheet to find out how much each dress cost her to make. It’s quite the start-up!

Isabella and her friends sat down with Kay Unger to sketch, sew and talk about the world of fashion for an entire day! Lucky girls!!

Read about their experience on Kay Unger’s Blog


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Kerri Quigley
Kerri Quigley


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