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Teaching the Social Media Ropes to Young Leaders at The Fashion Class NYC.

I was invited to play professor (well, more like seasoned professional) for The Fashion Class on August 13, where I got to speak to a class of stylish young teens about the roles that PR and social media play among the fashion industry. The students got to hear first-hand about the importance of establishing relationships with bloggers and the media no matter what their creative pursuit may be — and how developing a strong online and social presence is the key to gaining a loyal following.

I also shared with the girls a primer of social media etiquette, and a quick lesson on getting their own personal blogs up and running so that they can compile content to stay ahead of the game. It’s never too early to start getting creative and pushing that creativity out to the web — the sooner you start getting followers, I told the students, the brighter your future looks.

The Fashion Class is a great experience for young fashionistas, innovators and leaders. Students learn not only the technical skills of fashion design — illustrating, pattern-making, draping and sewing — but also they receive opportunities to meet with local industry professionals to sharpen their networking skills. The course culminates in a real-life fashion show where students can show off the designs they’ve created.

I love that NYC is home to experiences like this for young people, and I was honored to be invited to speak to students about how important social media and digital branding are in this new online age.

For more information about the The Fashion Class and to read about their kick a@& founder, Kerri Quigley and how she came about to start this amazing forum. Make sure to take a peek at her site, You can also follow them on Twitter or give them a like over on Facebook.



Kerri Quigley
Kerri Quigley


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